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Light Time Photography

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Although very brief our three day trip to Borneo left quite an impression. We traveled to Kuching, a coastal city in West Malaysia on the Island of Borneo. Borneo is split between three countries; West Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Kuching was a perfect spot to explore some of the most interesting sites such as the Orangutan rehabilitation center and a long house. The rehabilitation center is where Orangutans that have either been injured or have been in captivity are gradually taught to adjust to living in the wild again. After release they stay near the center for months, or even years, and it is the best way to see these apes in the wild.

The long house is a traditional way of living across Borneo. Typically they are a long (over 100 meters for the one we visited) structure along a river bank that is shared by several families that make up a village. The one we visited was an Iban longhouse which is one of 27 different ethnic groups in Borneo. Although not deep into the interior, it still took over four hours of driving and then going up a river to get there.

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Kuching.jpg (57384 bytes) Endless Rain.jpg (30620 bytes) Orangutan.jpg (76922 bytes) Hat Weaving.jpg (74830 bytes) Blow Pipe.jpg (57564 bytes)
The thriving metropolis of Kuching. As can be seen here, it rained almost the entire time we were there. It's not called a tropical rain forest for nothing. One of the Orangutans that still visits the rehabilitation center area. A villager weaving intricate designs in a hat. An Iban warrior getting prepared to show us his blow pipe skills.
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Iban man during traditional dance for our welcome. Iban woman during the welcome dance at the longhouse.

All photos İRoy Breslawski