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Light Time Photography

Nature and Travel Images

All photos İRoy Breslawski
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Bald-Eagle-400.jpg (21554 bytes) Harris-Hawk-400.jpg (30732 bytes) Wet-Swan-400.jpg (18079 bytes)
Bald Eagle
Farmington Bay
Great Salt Lake, Utah
Harris Hawk (captive) Great Horned Owl (captive) Black Swan (captive)
Mountain-Bluebird-400.jpg (28829 bytes) Pelican-Sunrise-400.jpg (58036 bytes) Turkey-Vulture-Wings-400.jpg (50076 bytes)
Mountain Bluebird
Dimple Dell Regional Park
Sandy, Utah
White Pelicans just before Dawn
San Francisco Bay
Waterfowl Reflection Turkey Vulture warming his wings on a winter day (captive)
Three-Bald-Eagles-pan.jpg (36707 bytes) Great-Indian-Hornbill.jpg (49967 bytes)
Bald Eagles at Farmington Bay, Great Salt Lake, Utah Great Indian Hornbill
Cinnamon Teal, Utah Lake
Evening-Flight-pan.jpg (36456 bytes) American-Avocet.jpg (50558 bytes)
Swallows near sunset, Stillwater Wildlife Refuge, Nevada American Avocet, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, California