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Light Time Photography

Nature and Travel Images

All photos İRoy Breslawski
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Aspen-Glow-400.jpg (29379 bytes) Pescadero-Sunset-400.jpg (30875 bytes) Autumn-Splendor-400.jpg (26250 bytes) Bison-Portrait-400.jpg (27541 bytes)
Aspens glowing in late sun
Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Sunset at Pescadero Beach, California Autumn Colors in Wasatch Mountains, Utah Bison, Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake, Utah
Indian-Paintbrush-Albion-Ba.jpg (50620 bytes) Bee-on-Flower.jpg (50005 bytes) meerkat-400.jpg (51057 bytes) Cotton-Top-Tamarin-400.jpg (50224 bytes)
Indian Paintbrush
Albion Basin, Utah
Bee on Flower Meerkat (captive) Cotton Top Tamarin (captive)
Baby-Macaque.jpg (50302 bytes) Ujon-Kulong.jpg (48785 bytes) Monarch-Butterflies.jpg (50631 bytes) Flying-Fox.jpg (50634 bytes)
Family of Long Tail Macaques
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore
Forest floor in Ujong Kulon, Java, Indonesia Monarch Butterflies wintering at Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz, California Flying Fox, the world's largest bat. (captive)