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Light Time Photography

Nature and Travel Images

New additions:

Added the Yellowstone and Grand Teton page in the Nature in America section. December 3, 2000.

Added the Zoo Pics page. May 1, 2000.

Finally finished the Africa section. April 1, 2000.

Bald Eagle added to Birds page. New pics from Africa including a newborn Zebra and Zebra fight. Added March 5, 2000.

Added first pics from Africa on December 30, 2000.

Completed the set of pictures from Thailand, including my visit to a Long Neck Karen village. Added December 4, 1999.

Three new pictures from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Added November 28, 1999.

New section on Borneo. Added November 7, 1999.

New pictures in the Utah section, including Albion Basin wildflowers. Added October 16, 1999.

Views of Utah in the Nature in America section. Added October 11, 1999.

Information on equipment used. Added October 1, 1999.