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Light Time Photography

Nature and Travel Images

I am fortunate enough to live in Sandy, Utah, right at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. The area is best known for its exceptional skiing, but there are an endless array of outdoor attractions here. This is truly a spectacular place and is where I am focusing most of my photographic attention at the moment.

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Indian Paintbrush Sunset over the Salt Lake Valley View through one of the many arches The Beauty of a simple weed on a frosty morning Overdue parking in Labyrinth Canyon
Autumn Leaf.jpg (52051 bytes) Aspens.jpg (67234 bytes) Critter.jpg (44081 bytes) Backyard View.jpg (55280 bytes)
Lonely Autumn color in Albion Basin Fall colors in Little Cottonwood Canyon Local resident enjoying the Fall colors Springtime view from my backyard in Sandy


One of the more spectacular displays of wildflowers can be found in mid-summer in Albion Basin. Albion Basin is more well known as the Alta Ski area. This is what it looks like when the snow is gone.
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Albion Rocks.jpg (64402 bytes) Albion 6.jpg (62152 bytes) Albion 5.jpg (81146 bytes) Albion 1.jpg (93708 bytes)
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