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Light Time Photography

Nature and Travel Images

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Camo Cheetah.jpg (57469 bytes) Safe in the Middle.jpg (59736 bytes) Up Close and Personal.jpg (48012 bytes) Elephant Games 1.jpg (52239 bytes)
Cheetah hunting near dusk. Notice the camouflage in the grass Baby Elephant Walk Elephant Portait Elephants playing in an Amboseli Marsh
Lioness Nakuru.jpg (82893 bytes) Lion 1.jpg (56813 bytes) Lioness Portrait.jpg (75622 bytes) Warthog.jpg (65611 bytes)
Lioness near Lake Nakuru Large male lion in Masi Mara Lioness checking us out in Masi Mara The photogenic Warthog
Buck.jpg (62449 bytes) Thompson Gazelle.jpg (70170 bytes) Vervet Pair.jpg (68638 bytes) Hippo_Threat.jpg (61986 bytes)
Impala at Lake Nakuru


Thomson's Gazelle, also known as Cheetah snack


Vervet monkeys planning some mischief Hippo warning an intruder in the Mara River in Masi Mara
Cleaning up.jpg (77061 bytes) Baby Eyes.jpg (64071 bytes) First Step.jpg (61824 bytes) Protection.jpg (67615 bytes)
Mother cleaning off her newborn It's a big job. The very first step about 30 minutes after birth Male Zebra attempting to attack the newborn
Danger.jpg (57444 bytes) Fight Stand.jpg (57238 bytes) Mom Fights Back.jpg (77354 bytes) Zebra Visitor.jpg (55852 bytes)
Mother chasing off the attacker. The attacker did get to the newborn twice and try to drag it off. Mother fighting the attacker Finally being chased away. Several other Zebras joined in defending the newborn and the attacker was driven out of the herd. Zebra with a hitchhiker.

All photos İRoy Breslawski