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Light Time Photography

Nature and Travel Images

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A collection of pictures from some of the best captive animal photography locations. These are not necessarily the best zoological gardens in the world (although they may be), but they do offer great photo opportunities. 

The first set is from Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City. The staff at Tracy Aviary is wonderful to work with. They have tremendous knowledge of the birds, do a great job caring for them and are very helpful to photographers. Highly recommended for a visit if you are in the area.

Hawk Wings 480.jpg (45978 bytes) Buzzard 480.jpg (14727 bytes) Macaw 480.jpg (29167 bytes) Eagle claw 480.jpg (26999 bytes)
Harris's Hawk Turkey Vulture Macaw Bald Eagle
Cockatoo Wing 480.jpg (26234 bytes) Snowy Owl Scream 480.jpg (20569 bytes) Wet Swan 480.jpg (16161 bytes) Barred Owl 480.jpg (39538 bytes)
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Snowy Owl Black Swan Barred Owl

San Diego Zoo

Orangutans.jpg (70261 bytes) Meerkat.jpg (21559 bytes) Ram.jpg (41728 bytes)
Happy Orangutan parent and child Meerkat This is a bighorn sheep that lives in the mountains of Iran.

The final set is from the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. The Jurong Bird Park has over 8,000 birds and one of the largest walk through aviaries in the world. Well worth a visit along with the Singapore Zoo. It has been many years and I no longer have the correct identification for some of these birds. If you know any of them, please email me.

Fishing Eagle 480.jpg (36000 bytes) Bird Branch 480.jpg (44199 bytes) Red eye crest 480.jpg (38567 bytes) Stork 480.jpg (33704 bytes)
African Fish Eagle Painted Stork
Butterfly 480.jpg (27275 bytes)
This butterfly is from the Butterfly Garden on Sentosa Island

All photos İRoy Breslawski